Saturday, 9 July 2016

Short Straw!

Back from France for one week. QISMA .. and Alistair...have travelled 70km LJ and  has travelled 35km. On QISMA. Glad you asked...I have travelled 97km....none of them by boat!

Car servicing and MOT meant the car had to be in Enniskillen so.... That was my job. I have been mooring hopping.

  Of course, I do not like driving the boat. The conclusion then is that this is my own doing. BUT, even if I couldn't get enough of driving QISMA, I somehow doubt I would be allowed out on Loch Erne on my own!

Currently on 'our' jetty. Rain teaming down. One last bit of domestics to complete and off we go. Heading South with locks ahead!