Monday, 26 October 2015

I'll call him Sunny Jim

A sunny and quiet cruise into Chester. At least that is what it seemed like as we st off. Came up to Now or Never at our first lock. New boaters out from Tattenhall. At the second lock, a single hander. Just opened the paddles and about to climb back onboard. I said that we would take over. Which we did. He asked for both gates to be opened. I thought it odd but we were both there. Then he sat and sat and sat. Making no attempt to leave the lock. His engine wasn't even running. Then he threw some rubbish up onto the tow path. The respective male crew arrived. Had he got a Dud he want pulling out of the Alistair said enough is enough and untied his rope. Engine started and much shouting up that he would 'have' Alistair at the next lock. Al then picked up the rubbish and threw it back down on the roof!! More shouts and threats. Alistair did ask why wait...why not just pull over now! 

So, as you'd expect. There was no rush to help him at the next lock. Respective kettles went on. We benefitted from some custard brioche ...from bakers at Tattenhall...scrummy!  Of course only one paddle opened by Sunny Jim. And so on. 

New boaters on Now or Never. They've now met their first awkward boater...not us!

A boat with no name...let's call him Sunny Jim.

He pulled over before the staircase then came down after us. Now moored. A few minutes ahead.,

Not all bad though.