Friday, 23 October 2015

is this the life you chose....or the life that chose you?

A rare early knock. But we were up. OK,  early for us. Can you spare me a flask of boiling water. Well of course we can! And the kettle is just about to boil. Next question from there anything else you need? A modest list of some sugar, biscuits and as an afterthought....some gaffer tape. No to anything else. Then this gentleman was on his way. Stopping at the picnic tables ahead to have his brekkie.

He had passed us last night in pitch darkness as we took LJ for a final stroll. On our way back, rustling in a copse indicated where he was bedding down for the night. To paraphrase Jason listen to him if you like singer songwriters....'is this the life he chose or the life that chose him'.