Tuesday, 6 October 2015

We're on the Shroppie!!

Always sung on arrival to the tune of We're in the Money......for those old enough to know what I'm talking about. The rest of you....please forget I spoke!

It hadn't been our plan to move.... Why would we when we were here...

But with bad weather forecast we decided to push on through Middlewich.

Only the fifth boat in the queue to go up the flight. Two complete novices at 2 and 3. Lovely team on Oh Be Joyful in front of us.  A volunteer appeared but left when one boater asked why he'd lowered a paddle before the lock was full. I think it was home time anyway! First volunteer we'd seen since the Coventry!

No-one joined behind us and with only one boat coming down I'd helped work the bottom lock ...however many times it was before we got in. Those bottom paddles are a...nightmare?

Then onto the Shroppie. Always makes me think of our pals from GOLDENGIRL. Sadly no longer boating. Even worse...back at work in their hotel. If you ever need B&B in Snowdia let me know!!

About 1715 when we got the pins in. Shattered. How quickly we get soft. It was early to bed to read.

Woke to bright sunshine.