Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Snazzy title!

Short Term Mooring Framework.....not the first search selection you would type into Googke, other search engines are available, to learn if the information CRT gave you was correct.

Via social media, I'd heard that, in answer to VMs reverting to 14 days over the winter, one region had said 'not happening' we will enforce restrictions. Hmmmm not what I had been told.

Even though I had found the document before it took a while before I tracked it down again. But hey, I'm a CC....I had nothing better to do!

So, I hope this will help. Below is the link that clearly states unless there is justification to do otherwise ALL VMs will be 14 days 1 Nov -31 March.


I'm having a bit if a CRT day because signs on the towpath in Nantwich show a long section as Winter Moorings fees apply that, according to the 2015-16 winter mooring site, are NOT in fact WM at all.

Four years since we were in Nantwich. A few changes. Noticeably the new canal side housing development oh...and the new fuel jetty! (71p) Town centre was vey familiar. We'd wintered in Swanley Bridge and had transport. We'd like to bring the car up here but, after the catalytic converter was stolen this Spring we need to find a garage and that has proved impossible.

Our other want is for a carpenter to build new top boxes for us. We,thought we had one but he is proving.......elusive!  Suggestions welcome in Shroppie area. No advice on easy it would be to do it ourselves needed!!

Right. Better come up with some pics.

Not my pic but it the Vulcan did fly overhead on Saturday on its farewell tour. Technical Authority is Can no longer support its flying. The last of the last.

Hurlerstone Locks ...we will be going up before Christmas when the winter works programme is complete.

The,little blobs are all seagulls ...you'll have to zoom in!

I would say ladies that lunch...there were 14 in all but they had a token male!!