Thursday, 22 October 2015

Staircase Shuffle

i gave myself a pat on the head today. Not only did I manage to work the staircase lock at Bunbury without the need of guidance. In fact when I got the ...what are you doing question...what I was doing was right!! I then persuaded the single handed coming up, who thought we should let him go first as bottom lock was empty and top lock was full...err yes...that's how they work...and we are coming down so need top lock full!! Where was I, oh yes, persuading him that he could enter the empty bottom lock and rise and shuffle into a newly emptied top lock as we came down and into full bottom lock. We all smiling.

Not getting too smug, as the last time we went down the flight at Chester I made a total hash of it. Still, that is a few days away so not yet made the worry list.

Certainly quieter now we have passed Barbridge Junction with just a few boats around. Moored in Beeston Castle area. i think we might be having a day off tomorrow!!