Tuesday, 20 October 2015

When a plan comes together

An off QISMA weekend for me. A trip that included dentist and catch up with friend of 30+ years in Mikton Keynes. Two overnights at Premier Inn Nottingham...bargain ...trip to Yorkshire to see my Dad and say farewell to Team NZ, Eilen Jewell show in Nottingham with two of  Team Stigers.  Arrived back in Nantwich yesterday lunchtime totally shatters!  Thanks to splitting my rail tickets the travelling part of the trip cost £38! I think National Rail offered it to me at the £150 mark!

So....drum roll.....some rare photos! Easier to take a Kingfisher shot!!

The Mikton Keynes section of the trip was pic free so we start with Nottingham city centre at 0650 on a Sunday morning. 

By lunchtime it was Rotherham Lock. It can't remember what buildings surrounded the lock when I grew up there but I had never seen the lock before! Cab driver told me 1 minute from the station. Who knew? (In me defence station wasn't here in my time!). 

Peter and me.

 Vicki and me!

Affectionately known as Team NZ. Vicki the scones were not only 10/10 they were the best savoury scones I have yet to eat. Didn't last long enough for a pic. It's been great to catch up with you on your travels with MUSSN GRUMBLE. You are in fact 'proper boaters'.

By 1900 caught up with my Stigers pals. Had meal and were at The Maze ready to see Eilen Jewell who lives in Boise and is friend of....... Mr Stigers who we raised a glass to ...well it was his 50th
 birthday and he had asked us to!