Sunday, 1 May 2016

Do not repel ALL boarders!

We haven't missed out on the ...unseasonal weather! Wind, hail and snow in quick succession! We were able to shuffle round in Enniskillen to keep legal on the moorings. The Erne Warden's patrol boat is now much in evidence. Don't want our first meeting with them to be awkward!!

And, and, we were boarded! Not by said Wardens but by boating duo  from Dublin thinking of getting a barge and wanting a look round.  Sadly, I was away shopping. Even worse.....hadn't tidied up before I left!!

There are some pretty swish boats cruising these waters. Almost south of Franceish on the main city moorings this weekend.

Luck was with us. Just as we were finished with the resupply, the wind dropped, sun came out and we took the weather window. Great cruise up to our mooring. Not a boat moving but us!

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