Saturday, 14 May 2016

Am I boring you?

Sorry but I can't quite move on from the beauty of Innish Davar. We know exactly the right time to visit next year! 

 Then, in perfect conditions it was down to Devenish Island. Several boat trips of tourists visiting the historic remains of the monestary.We felt a bit like a tourist attraction ourselves. More conversations on the go than we've had in weeks!! Our neighbours for the night were English. Hiring a boat for a week. Ex narrowboatees!! Can you believe it! Had two shared ownerships. Now caravaning.

 Into Enniskillen this morning Sunday chicken from O'Docherties. Better even than from Paddy Sweeny on Brecon market! Quick visit from our Killynick hosts Colin, Anne, Holly and Tom then Asda and out we went. It very much San Tropez like on the water today. We were hopeful of a mooring at Ardhowen and plenty of room. WhT a stunning spot for a theatre. And...if you don't mind my ideal venue for The Marvellous Mr Curtis Stigers!