Sunday, 1 May 2016

Coincidence R US

I may have mentioned the PUZZLER Principle. If not, or if it passed you by, this is our working theory that, if NB PUZZLER, which spent 3 years cruising in Ireland, got in somewhere then QISMA will be able to. Working a treat so far. Locals telling us we won't be able to get to Kesh because we'd never turn...oh..we already have! We didn't know we wouldn't be able to do that...the PUZZLER did.

Spookily....this principle must be becoming ingrained. There are plenty... And I mean plenty...of hairdressers in Enniskillen. I was 't even convinced I'd get my hair cut there. But, saw a salon that I liked the look of. They went out of their way to fit me in on a busy Friday. Then, as we continued to chat... Out came this business card!!

Sally, I hope you get this message, the 'boys' send their love!