Sunday, 8 May 2016

Has it really been a week?

I am not sure where the weeks go. They are  just slipping by. Last weekend saw us sitting out a stormy couple of days in Camargh Bay. Very sheltered and with water and rubbish we were in a good spot....all except for our dog walking requirement. Poor LJ had,to make do with a quiet lane.

We then made the short, very short, hop to Inishmacsaint. Where we shared the jetty with a 'proper'  boat...for all of half an hour. Absolutely ideal spot for LJ. He does love an island to himself.

We were heading for a Friday shop in Belleek. Stop overs on the way at Tully Castle and briefly at Magho. The forecast, which was completely wrong, had us up and ready to move from Tully at 0700. We could hardly see the front of the boat! But once it cleared we had the best day of the year and none of the forecast wind.

Once in Belleek Diesel was topped up via cans at 50p a litre. We made use of the recycling centre, dropped 'stuff' off at the charity shops and hit the supermarket. 

600 residents  taking part in the all Ireland out of the Darkness walk...a suicide awareness raising initiative on Saturday but..the 0415 start ...well..... 

An easy run down to Castle Caldwell for the weekend. Where I spotted a solitary bluebell some weeks ago. Slight difference now!

Currently we are 'enjoying' reading of mini heatwave in other parts of the UK and walking LJ in parka with fur trim down hood.