Friday, 27 May 2016

En y va....or do we?

Three nights on our mooring to check the car is in full running order before we set off for France on 4 June. Or do I mean IF we set off for France? That will not be happening unless the fuel depot blockade is over. Our ferry to  Roscoff is still operating. We think we can get to Il de Re on one tank but...can we? If we do get there can we get fuel? Too big a risk to take. The ferry only operates once a week, and we have to book the largest kennel for LJ, it is unlikely that we can just sit it out and go a week later.

Last year the worry was could we get back ...with Calais being blockaded. We brought our return forward by one day... to the Sunday of the weekend the French schools broke up for the summer. You can work out why! Could not have been smoother. We were even boarded onto an earlier Shuttle. Next day, we saw on the news, was chaos. 25 mile tail back into Calais.

Not so easy to fix this trip.

Perhaps we should have timed it for when Euro 2016 had actually started and the French government were not being held to ransom!!

We have no plans on France next year. Don't want to lose a month of the boating season here. But...  if we did they would now be in the bin.

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