Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Spot the difference!

Up early yesterday to make the two hour crossing across Loch Erne to Tom's Island. We are slowly heading south now and don't except to be up here again this year.

We are only visiting favourite moorings on our way south...at least that is the plan...weather permitting,

Timing was perfect as we had this....

And the wind came up for a few hours in the afternoon.

So...there we were. Admiring the views ..all well with the world. One cruiser with lovely little dog called Jack on next jetty when ....disaster!

Luxury cruiser...for want of more polite name arrived. Ignored all other space and ...well a picture etc etc. Overheard them saying they planned an staying two nights! 

Do NOT know what happened...we didn't even unleash LJ on their two dogs. Though I did pop out and take some pics! Any road up.......after an hour....

And all was well! 

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