Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Who says he camera never lies!

Much excitement as we headed down the Shannon on Friday. You can see why! 

Then it was on to Loch Ree and Barley Harbour. Not marked on our guide but recommended to us. We checked and Puzzler had been on so.......

This is where the pic doesn't quite tell the story. It was a Bank Holiday weekend and just out of shot on the right was a tented village! It was like a Polish peace camp.....over 20 tents, one caravan and supporting cars!! There must have been upwards of 80 people there. Though more children than adults.  Other than their strange preference for techno music all was well until we were leaving on Monday and one chap who was fishing deliberately cast out at us and scratched the paintwork. Odd really as we had been so impressed by them. Rubbish cleared up and taken away. Everyone really polite. Music turned off by 2300. And they did the same!!

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