Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hell's Bells!!!

The day started watching  a wide beam in some difficulty in rising water. No doubt he's done this many times before but not today. Roof down and off he went.

We were on the move as well, two hours to moorings just past Islip.  I did the walking of LJ and Alistair checked the roof levels. He would have anyway!!!

As with every day so far, there was some stunning scenery

We had lock buddies up to Islip where they stopped for lunch and we only took on water. 

We were OK on this bridge

But we knew the lowest was ahead. 2.4 in the book but we'd  heard it was lower. This morning we were told by a boat that had been under as they set off that they were 2m and had 'just' made it. We hadn't heard that it was 1.8!!  Hell's Bell's!!!!

The stream was running too fast for Alistair to reverse so we had 'a moment'.  Hopefully no-one was tweeting it.  Slight damage to one top box that got dragged sideways where the bridge just caught the handle on the lid of the BBQ - jutting up under the cover just that 1cm too high! Easily repaired.

Everything behind that was fine. Good to know.