Saturday, 18 May 2013

Missing Dogs

We had planned to stay put on this rather lovely mooring

But it was one of those days when we just thought let's go. We were partly prompted to move knowing that NB NO PROBLEM  and NB MATILDA ROSE were moored at the top of the Northampton flight. Having followed them for so long on their respective Wash/Fen/Neane adventures we really wanted to say hello. We're now moored fairly near. What do you call three boats that blog, not quite lined up together but with no-one in between?

LJ had a fantastic off tow path walk yesterday

and the views today weren't bad either

Before we left we read that NO PROBLEM had moved off today without realising that they were missing a dog. Fortunately all was well. We stopped at the junction to take water etc. LJ was definitely on board when the bow left the jetty but .... by the time the bow was moving he'd managed to get off the stern,without us noticing! 

Fortunately we didn't get far!!