Thursday, 16 May 2013

How many seasons in one day?

With LJ's haircut arranged for 1500 we had no choice but to move on this morning. Luck was with us  and we only had rain for the last half a mile. Now moored, happily, outside The Black Horse and within sight of the groomer!s - the blue door onmthemleftmof the photo. I am NOT setting myself the challenge of finding one more conveniently located.

We also have the bonus of The Black Horse on our right. A 5* Dog Friendly pub and one not included on the Doggie Pubs website #alwaysbesttocheck.   

It's always strange to be on QISMA without LJ and he's always just a tad overexcited when he get's back. Fortunately, we got the Spring section of the day in the evening and out we went. 

Haircut to pond - all of 20 minutes

I had hoped we'd come across some amazing bluebells. I've loved the photos I've seen on blogs and tweets but not to be. We did find a walkway of wild garlic. Just coming into flower.