Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Quiet Tuesday - is lethargy contagious?

With most of the country having gone back to work and those of us not to have to do that  either looking out at the damp or out in it I thought, let's not get despondent. We are just stuck with this weather. A bit of hope that we might get a summer - eventually!

At the very least, there's lots of colour around.

and deep in here is the tiniest duckling that, fortunately, I just avoided standing on yesterday

Today though, it's back to dodging the rain and not doing very much. YES the fire is back on. The Tweet tells me that QISMA isn't alone with that!

Glad to read that Fiona from NB Epiphany is out of the clutches,of the NHS and back on board with the delights,of the G&S ahead. One of said delights is that all swing bridges are closed from 2000-0800 so the evenings and nights are really peaceful. Reminded of this as the Bank Holiday weekend has, as always, raised the level of comments about #boatsthatdon'tslowdown

Had such a laugh yesterday with Tweets about biscuits and floating garden sheds. Thanks to those involved - you know who you are! I know Tweeting isn't for everyone and I'm new to it myself but it can be so amusing and random, must NOT forget random.