Thursday, 30 May 2013

You know it makes sense

The river has come up another 20 cm overnight and so we will be enjoying the delights of Thrapston for a while longer. 3 of us on the mooring now. We were joined by a boat with no name this morning. Going upstream he'd tried the bridge but the headroom is now 1.6m. We are so pleased we made it through yesterday. Fortunately, we are good at sitting things out - as long as we stay safe and thanks for the good wishes of other boaters. In the words of Chris from NB Tempus Fugit #nicetobenice. Chris might also ponder as to what Jimmy Buffett might say and for those who don't know the answer is 'pour me something tall and strong'.

And it is true, the countryside beyond the river is full of lakes and flashes and beauty and wildlife. Here's a taste of some non-river delights.

Believe me I could go on and on. A river not to be rushed.