Thursday, 16 May 2013

The weather was grand until Mr Stigers arrived

I'm assuming Curtis Stigers has arrived in Milton Keynes. Rain has followed him round the country on his current tour so why should today be any different? I don't care. My tickets are in my bag and I'll be on my way in an hour or so.

This is a bit different and went slowly past an hour or so ago

This morning we saw hotel boat Wessex Rose built by 'our' builders (Milburns) but not quick enough to get a snap - sorry Andy!

LJ has had lovely off lead walks whilst we've been in MK. This just yards from our current mooring

And speaking of moorings. These are run by The Parks Trust - what a lovely spot

On the way back I met the crew from NB Corniche. Sorry I didn't get their names. They'd seen us at Swan's Neck on the Avon last year and in Pershore when we were with Goldengirl.  They were probably glaring at us as the went past at Swan's Neck as it's a mooring made for one. Nice to meet someone who dips into the blog and a Yorkshire man from my home town!