Monday, 27 May 2013

When is a blog not a blog

I feel just a bit guilty for not actually writing anything in the blog yesterday. In my defence all I can say is the sun it to me. Not in a sun stoke kind of way but I a 'when did we last see it and I'd better make the most of it' kind of way. A fabulous long walk with LJ before it got too hot, then masses of swimming for him - his absolute favourite thing. Early evening we roasted a chicken on the barbie and it was scrummy. By the time it came to write the log, well...... whatever you were up to I hope your day worked out well or at the very least had a high spot or two.   We saw a bit more traffic, three narrowboats, a cruiser and three canoes. Bank holiday on the Nene.

I also spotted a hot air balloon on a mi-evening 'extra' walk with LJ. Thank goodness he didn't spot it as he just hates them. Usually he can sense them almost before we see them. Bristol wasn't his favourite spot!  This one wasn't heading our way and I just managed to catch it. So to speak.

With the wind picking up and a storm forecast for overnight, Alistair has increased our defences, chain now down as well as the anchor. We're going to sit it out here. Then we will have to make the decision - move on or break into the 'only to be drunk on special occasions wine'. It's going to be a tough one to call.