Thursday, 3 October 2013

A sting in this tale .......

Up early, for us, and on the move by 0900. There were a few boats on the move. Wonder if they were Ll trying to beat the bad weather? We had a two hour cruise to Newbury Boat Company where QISMA will be whilst we go off to our friends wedding. We're off to Lincolnshire, via, for me, Hay, to collect the car, Ludlow and Newport, South Wales, - more of that as it happens and Midhurst,mw here LJ is lodging with my friend Marion while we head off to the festivities. I hear that Max (dog) has been really naught all week. I'm hopinG LJ  provides a good example. I wonder if Oscar (cat) knows that the big black hairy one is arriving? Well slightly less hairy as he has hair cut booked for Monday.

On the way down we passed what I think are a few boats settling down for the winter underneath the A34 road bridge. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that, to me, these piles of junk along the length of the bridge, including an old bathtub, just aren't acceptable.

We hope to get out again after the wedding and before we take up our care-taking duties whilst Emma and Derek are on their hols.  If not, then this will be the last shot of QISMA for 2013. How sad is that? Bald risk would have an answer and Jimmy Buffet a remedy for sadness. Wonder how he is on wasp stings? Little blighter got me in the thigh on the way into Newbury this afternoon. I hadn't even had the chance to annoy him!

 And the view we have this winter.