Tuesday, 15 October 2013

And we declare Lock 86 the last lock of 2013!

We decided to make the most of fine weather today to go fill up QISMA. This involves moving up through Lock 86 to the third of Newbury's marinas and then coming back.It's about half a mile in real terms but at least an hour round trip. Our timing was perfik as OLIVIA was just ready to go in so we had good company. Coming down it was waiting for us and it's really all one way traffic on the K&A now. 

So, our last lock of 2013. We had hoped to go out again this week but the forecast is pants so we're going to mooch and be lazy after all the running around the country last week/weekend. Tomorrow we're going to start learning our care taking duties. Emma and Derek head to India towards the end of the month and we will be - I dread to say in charge but responsible for the marina anyway - gulp!