Sunday, 6 October 2013

WHAT a weekend - just magic

Off to Hay on Friday to collect the car. The train times from Reading for the change at Newport are very tight. This time it was much better, we were so late I didn't have to watch the Abergavenny train depart and my waiting time at Newport was cut from 45 to 35 minutes!

Much excitement at the thought of seeing Yvonne, our ex-Army friend on Saturday. We'd arranged to meet her in Ludlow, nicely half way between Telford and Hay. Just can't believe it was 35 years. We met in an amazingly old fashioned tea shop that always makes me think of the Victoria Wood sketch. I expect to see Julie Walters stagger out of the kitchen with bowls of soup. 6 hours later  - not all,spent in cafe - we went our separate ways, determined to get together again but soon! Photo is of Yvonne and Jane

AND, as if that wasn't marvellous enough, on the way back today I called in to see more lost Army friends, Sheila and David Bancroft. Not quiet so long since we were last in touch but far too long all the same. Magic. And the years just slip away. Sheila and Dave tracked me down after my outing,on Graham Norton's tune with a tale last December. Am sooooo pleased they did.

This is the view I wake up to when I do the run to Tyruched to collect/deliver our car.  Affectionately known to John and Jane as The Terminator. With the sun out today it was even more special.