Monday, 28 October 2013

The calm before the storm

We had Family here at the weekend. Alistair's daughter Zoe, her husband, Paul and the magic Lexie - all of 18 months. Here she is with Gramps, enjoying a viewing of Peppa Pig. Apparently all he rage with they toddler set and we heard a lot of Peppa over the weekend - almost as much as Dadda, but not quite!

Went to the Red House for early meal on Saturday evening. They were as impressed as we always are. Good.

With the media forecasting 'the worst storm in the history of the UK' it HAD to be our first day in charge at the marina! Derek and Emma away at pre-holiday family 'do'. Of course, they had done masses of work before they departed and we were fortunate that there has been no damage. Alistair was out during the night just to make sure all was well.

In the afternoon, we helped the last two boats expected in before the winter into their moorings. Both with regular berths here though one is a new arrival on their first non-hire boat and were grateful that Alistair got onboard to steer them in.

We are quite sheltered here and it will be interesting to check out the damage when I walk LJ. A tree came down on the towpath last week. It was cleared away yesterday but from what Alistair says I think it was larger than the trees that came down overnight.

The damage this morning and not as bad as last week so we have been lucky.