Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fancy bumping into you

We're still moored at what is the only cleared out in the country spot as you get beyond Newbury and on to Great Bedwyn.  Yes, there are 'proper' moorings at Kintbury and Hungerford but if you want to balance those with  some really quiet time it is difficult - even more so than last year. So no surprise to find late yesterday afternoon we had company. Space for two here. A bit surprised that they hit us but it happens but the real surprise was we knew them! In fact they hid Alistair's Christmas present for me last year. They have a lovely riverside mooring at Newbury Boat Company and spend time between the boat, Portsmouth and Australia! It was definitely NOT a surprise to learn they'd come down to go to the Red House!  They were going to move and leave it to us but I said not to, we did that last week, not knowing just how different things were from last year on this stretch and had to fight the vegetation to get in.

So we are two and behind us and in front further than you can see it's

CRT Waterway Manager for the K&A says he's never had a complaint about overgrown vegetation. Funny that, as I emailed last year about 12ft high overgrowth on official mooring at summit and in March about dangerous overhanging branches on fast stretch to County Lock. Of course, I didn't actually use the word complaint...........