Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Under Instruction

The weather being filthy this morning Emma and I started my training on the admin tasks we're to take on when we look after the marina from end October to mid November.  Nothing too daunting. Alistair will get instruction on the technical challenge from Derek next week. Enjoy India guys and don't worry about us!! And we promise to rise MUCH earlier!

Following on from that, with an unexpected burst of energy it was a hands and knees job on the floor - swept, washed and oiled.  Inspiration to tackle more from the 'to do' list came from @nbepiphanytoo  though my result satisfying in entirely different way.

This afternoon was really lovely.  LJ and I went out and missed the main event. The catching of extreme fish. Sad I wasn't around to record the event. Seems the maggots - which are NOT allowed on QISMA did the trick. The replacement rod (I stood on the last one) was bought in Godmanchester in July and thus is the first catch since! 

Had some great Tweeterati  chats these past few days. Thanks to all.