Friday, 11 October 2013

Landlubbers reporting in

So, we're off on the much trailed trip to Jay and Michael's wedding. It's had so many mentions I could get a job with the BBC - ooo did I mention working? I DON'T think so!

We started at Midhurst on Wednesday. Two days with Marion, Max and Oscar. LJ remaining in residence until Sunday.

It didn't take him long to get comfortable. Marion aka known as Lil, is knitting him a cushion for Christmas.

 Max and LJ get on unbelievably well. We never thought we'd have seen this - they weren't keen to make room for the grown ups.

 Max does have his own bolt hole

I managed to go to Tyruched at the weekend to collect the car and be ready to depart for Lil's when I discovered that the wedding hat, which I was totally convinced was in Midhurst was actually in Wales. I had been so convinced I hadn't even looked for the box at the weekend. Thanks to the J's the hat arrived at the hotel before me so I owe them a few gin's. I have now owned up to the Captain!

 And here we are, the view from our room. More photos of this lovely hotel will follow.

We had a quick drink and strolled into Woodhall Spa. We were here two years ago on
 QISMA and loved it. We had forgotten about the amazing Baker/Deli. Treats taken back to our room!