Monday, 6 January 2014

Busy old day by QISMA crew standards

LJ due for his haircut today so a quick walk round the lake at Thatcham - no swimming allowed and LJ deposited at what must be a contender for the friendliest dog groomers ever.

Then Alistair back to see if he was required for sluice duty and I went into Newbury to relieve myself of a £50 John Lewis voucher which is part of our credit card deal. I didn't have the luxury of being extravagant and buying myself some luxury item because the voucher already had 'second set of new bedding'  written all over it. When I changed the colour scheme we were fine with one set, having 24 hour access to a tumble dryer. Second set needed before we depart the marina.

Back for series of domestic duties and before I knew it we were on our way back to collect our boy.

I decided he deserved a long walk on the way back so Alistair dropped us at Thatcham Lakes again and we set off back. I was working on the principle that LJ was going to be wet and muddy tomorrow anyway so ..... he loved it. Almost up to the top of  my boots at one point, but only for  20 yards or so.  It was so lovely and quiet. Only one other walker when I got back to the towpath. We were lucky and just got back before the heavens opened again. 

Just past the swing bridge was this sad sight. CRT workboat sunk. 

 And despite efforts with sluices, if we have much more rain, there will be more than this bit of towpath flooded as the river is only two feet away to the right of the photo. Nothing to what is happening elsewhere. Have you seen the photos at Abbingdon?