Saturday, 4 January 2014

Cousin's Day 2014

Out of the blue this week came the opportunity to have a Cousin's Day in Gloucester as Sister Sue was down,for a week's holiday in Stow and my plans,for today got moved. I just couldn't pass by the opportunity to catch up with her and our cousins Simone and Justine.

Friends and family reading this will know how much I hate having my photograph,taken. If possible, Sue hates it even more. Fortunately, the cousins are not the least bit camera shy!

Great to catch up with them. We don't get to do it often enough. 

It did seem strange to be in Gloucester and not go down,to the docks but the weather was ..... Yes, filthy! We just hunkered down in the pub. I'm certain that QISMA isn't quite done with the G&S yet.