Wednesday, 1 January 2014

That was the year ....

I know it's that time of year, when people start to reflect on the year almost gone and in our case, to think about the QISMA annual boating awards.

So here we go ..

BOATING  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT - only queuing at ONE lock all year. Unlikely ever to be repeated.

PUB OF THE YEAR - we are spoilt for choice. I may have to do a Masterchef and have joint winners. The Brampton Mill near Godmanchester with setting and food and dogs and it gave me the cocktail of the year! And it would be impossible not to mention The Two Brewers in Windsor.

MOST HELPFUL BOATER - Graham of NB MATILDA ROSE fame who spent two hours with Alistair plotting our Nene and Great Ouse maps. His top tips were invaluable. I hope your adventure on the French canals is all you both hope for.

BEST NIGHT OUT FROM BOAT -  easiest of all - the Curtis Stigers 'Up Close and Personal' show at The Stables Milton Keynes. Our Spring cruising arranged around this and a haircut in MK for LJ.

PHOTO of the year ... The hardest choice of all but ...

Three categories .. non Boating ... boating ... LJ

This because it was at the start of Zoe and Paul's wedding

This because it was just magic to be on the water with her

Summer, the day Andy Murray won Wimbledon and LJ doing what he loves best

SURPRISE OF THE YEAR how much fun Twitter is  so thanks to those I am following, those following me and #boatsthattweet for your company. 

We had a fantastic year on the water. All good wishes to bloggers, boaters, non- boaters, friends and family. I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be. Xx