Monday, 13 January 2014

How on earth can I be moaning........

The excitement of meeting Maggie took over from a bit of a moan - YES but not about Newport - and some photos from our first proper walk with LJ this morning.

Best to get the moan over with, it's Tom Tom. Yesterday we followed it off a perfectly good dual carriageway that we knew would take us to Haverfordwest/Fishguard/Newport. We also knew their was a northern alternative on maybe not quite so fast a road. Foolishly we believed this was the option selected by Tom. Er not. He preferred to take us over a mountain with his route getting progressively more challenging until we were on single track lanes between high hedges. My favourite. Of course,mby the time we got to that point we couldn't have turned round if we'd wanted to. Shall I mention the unfavourable diesel situation? Best not. We made it to a garage anyway - after that we even made it to a garage that was open!!

Green Cottage quickly cheered us up. This followed by a walk down the estuary to the harbour and by a trip to the Golden Lion which absolutely lived up to it's reviews. (Sometimes the Gods smile ...' Sunday Times). We didn't stand a chance of making it to pudding. I am hopeful the sticky toffee might equal that of Ben and Jess' wedding - always on the hunt for that!