Friday, 10 January 2014

We're all going .......

On our holidays. Off to the seaside. Everyone I've spoken to has asked or assumed it's three weeks in the sun for us. NOT off to what looks like fantastic cottage in Pembrokeshire. We love our coastal winter walking. Weather permitting. This will be our third January on the Welsh coast. Just a break and a change of scene.

LJ just loves the beach. He's had his haircut so won't be bringing quite so much sand with him. Alistair is all fired up from his first sale of  a painting - spookily, of the harbour in Newport, Pembrokeshire .... But he can start on it's replacement on Sunday. The painting gear - ALL of his painting gear went in first. Really timely and all profit to Combat Stress.

Fortunately I can manage on a capsule wardrobe!