Sunday, 12 January 2014

Reminded of an epiphany

Spooky got spookier still. Intrepid readers of the blog - that's at least Alistair's Mum - will know he sold a painting of Newport last week. His first sale and we thought how spooky it was to sell it the week we were coming here for three weeks R&R.

We chose Newport because Alistair loved it when he visited here in 2012 with

indigo painting holidays

indigo brown are some 25 miles from Newport in Haverfordwest West. In the winter, Maggie catches up on her own painting and, well, life. You can imagine our surprise then  as we returned from walking LJ this morning and saw their logo on a car in the school car park and Maggie and her daughter sitting in it. She was doing the dropping off teenager run.  Maggie is responsible for making painting accessible for Alistair. He would NOT have kept going without that course - she remembered his epiphany moment sitting on a cliff. Good value - even if was his next three birthdays and Christmases combined!! He's still not caught up yet.

Even spookier because all of this before we are usually up and around!!

It does beg the question ... what next?