Monday, 21 July 2014

Be gentle with her .....

Weekend busy on the river yesterday. A long (4hour) stretch for us as we wanted to be in St Ives for the Monday market. Fortunate that we didn't have to queue for a lock. Shared two locks with a small petrol day boat. Skipper and wife. Their first time on the river and their first lock. Joy. Couldn't manoeuvre, fended off  QISMA with a boathook.    Wife got off boat and watched me work the lock...including her side.  I was about to invite her to join me to at least open the gate which I'd wound when second boat to come up arrived and helped.  First boat having a rest! Shame really, as I was hoping to be able to explain a bit about working the locks to her. No honestly ... She was a newbie and looked terrified.

At next lock We waiting for the Ladybird charity trip boat to come up. Skipper wandered over to chat. Oh, ses he, they made us buy one if them, pointing at my winder. VERY nicely, I told him the top tip concerning winders was never to appear at the lock without one ... It only meant you walking back for it.

Crew arrived from others waiting to come up and said they would work the gates so once the electric guillotine gate was shut I was able to get back onboard.  Newbie  wandered up to the gate, already being worked, no winder. Then went back for it and started to wind it down. Lock only about half full.   We moored at St Ives ... no connection and they went off on their own to St Ives lock. I hope someone WAS there to help them as the paddle gates swing and there is a gizmo to hold them open so you can get in.

I  also hope whoever eventually does tell her will be gentle!

Went through Hemmingford Grey

 Moored on the GOBA mooring. Busy when we arrived but only two of us overnight. Fortunately I had completed the run ashore to Waitrose before this.

 Which led to this .....

Now almost 0930 and only one engine heard. Back to normal.

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