Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Back to ........ BOATING

After the disaster of the journey down to Midhurst, it was all plain sailing (ouch) on the return trip to QISMA on Sunday. One night onboard and a quick outing to the launderette and we were on our way.

This cruise is retracing last years trip down towards Bedford. Though we don't plan to go into the city this time. We're hoping to mix up moorings. Some of the favourites from 2013 and some new. Out for a month so it's going to be very leisurely.

Monday certainly was. 45 minutes to the Lazy Otter and a meal in the  pub. Very different from last year when the wind was so strong everyone struggled to get on the mooring. Words were spoken!

Yesterday a lovely short cruise down the Old West to a GOBA mooring. These are wild moorings and mostly tranquil. We arrived at 1300 and by the end of the day we had seen 3 boats. Two are moored up ahead.

The afternoon was shared between tennis, fishing and swimming. No prizes for guessing which crew member was doing what.

A rest day today. I'm sure we deserve it.