Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Other temptations are available

Set off on Tuesday to bimble back to Godmanchester. Alistair wanted a last visit to the fishing shop and I had some skirt ... Or bavrette if you want to be gastro punish or Philli steak if you are more inclined to the USA from the excellent butcher conveniently placed opposite said fishing shop.

Saw some fab small boats on our travels and,also Ladybird so managed a photo this time.


We loved the GOBA mooring at St Ives. Only 5 minute walk to the High Street but a world away.  With a nice walk for LJ.

Always nice to capture the gongoozelers

 Back in Godmanchester, coming back from the shops and a stray dog running on the rec..... hang on I recognise that tail! For some reason LJ is naughty here but not harming anyone.  There are revamped EA moorings at the lock but, as the teenage population of Godmanchester was in residence, we headed for our usual spot.

 Had a bit of fun with my Tweet Buddies today with the following. You are the best.,
 Other temptations are available

Had hoped,to get on,the meadow at Houghton but busy. Now moored at Hemmingford Grey. Consoled ourselves with lunch at the Cock ...... Very lovely gastro pub with great team.

As always, LJ delighted to have his own swimming pool.

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