Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What's in a name .......

Sometimes I just know QISMA is well named. We had decided to stay out until Tuesday but on Monday lunchtime decided to come back to our mooring at the Fish and Duck. Yesterday we woke to find one of our batteries 'cooking'. We knew they were on their way but replacing them leapt to the top of our priority list. We were having coffee at 0800!!'

Trip to Ely Chandlery in the car and we were sorted. So the new batteries go on the  unforeseen expenses list .... Along with the two new tires we ordered on Monday for the MOT next week.  Hmm not entirely unforeseen.

Whilst we were in the Chandlery I took the opportunity to ask about the fab glass hobs they have on  the website. Do Not Go There was the instant reply. We are just about to take it off. An Italian firm and we have only been able to order one and it took six months to get here.  I do fancy being sleek and gleaming ... As it's unlikely to happen to me I thought the hob might work. I know we will have difficulty in finding a replacement that will be an exact fit for the current, hard to keep clean, hob so ..... I am a woman on a mission. First salvo ... Email to a Spinflo aka Thetford who make both to ask if, by any chance, they produce a gas hab to the same dimensions . My Corian work top  not up for replacement.

Anyway thanks to NB Yarwood ...  I didn't know these existed until I read the blog .....woman on a mission will report back.