Monday, 7 July 2014

Time for .......? A bit of a rant

A year to the weekend since we were last on these lovely moorings near the Pike and Eel Pub and Marina. The pub is very golf clubish,and LJ only allowed outside but it is a lovely spot. Unfortunately, I was served a sandwich which had fab filling but one slice of bread was stale. This however, is NOT the rant.

This is the mooring. Three mooring spots in a 2-1-2 formation. On Saturday, only one boat, a narrowboat, was on the first mooring. 

 When I went to walk LJ on Sunday. This had been dumped in the middle of the grassed area. With a rubbish skip at the marina only two hundred easy yards away ...... WELL,!  Words don't actually fail me but I don't feel I can use any of them in the blog.

It won't trouble the next moorers. I dumped it.

As to the walking. Pretty good