Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sleepless in St Neots .... Not us!

The Fens well and truly left behind now. Miles and miles of this as we moved down to St Neots.  Please not ... Am not complaining!! #justsaying

The park was busy but we moored outside the Priory Conference Centre ... with water. And the closest mooring we have had so far to a Waitrose. We felt quite pleased.

Good food market on in the square and some essential shopping ... one pair of Alistair's shorts having reached the end of useful life ... And then some. Back onboard and out enjoying a beer and the heat. Until .... The wedding disco started! We had a bit of warning when an ice cube hit us! A balcony open on a terrace above us and the disco beyond.  They seemed a nice bunch but , but, but ... Would they still be lovely at 0100? And though I approved of the DJ's choices ..... Same question!!

Alistair works on the theory that a disco notches up the volume every 20 minutes. A late walk with LJ led us to some overgrown Huntingdon Council moorings. A camouflage green sign that we hadn't spotted from the river. (too busy looking at the posh houses on t'other bank). Soooooo at 9pm we thought now or never and off we went! 5 minutes later we were mooring up. I don't think they get used much. Three of the posh folk wandered down to their banks to watch.

Our views .... Back and front. Happy boaters.