Sunday, 13 July 2014


Tragic happening on river at St Neots late morning. I walked LJ across the fields back to the pontoon to check on mooring availability.   Our neighbours from yesterday were just getting out of their boat and told me there was a body in the water. It had just floated past them. A young female canoeist, already in the water, took up station alongside to keep other boats away. What a star she was.

I saw QISMA approaching. Tried to phone Alistair but couldn't reach him. He saw what was happening...or not happening and manouvered QISMA to try and get a rope around her...he could see it was a woman. It didn't work - in fact the rope got caught round the prop. That removed, between QISMA and the canoe, they managed to guide the body to the slipway and she was pulled ashore at the rowing club.

The emergency services were on there way and arrived as this happened. Both regular and air ambulance arrived. They kept resuscitation for 35 minutes and set off for the hospital by road.

The police wanted to check the river and talk to boaters, anglers etc. Alistair offered them the use of QISMA.  So the next hour spent doing that.

Now moored opposite on the Riverside Park moorings. Feeling very strange. Police just phoned to tell us she had been identified and NOK informed. Not treating her death as suspicious. They think she fell in. Considerate of them to do that. So sad for her family.