Friday, 14 August 2015

A sting in the tale

Well a potential sting. Yesterday it was up to the Globe for a delivery from Ocada. Shopping opportunities are what you might call....lite on the Ashby. Top tip is to take advantage of the farm shops.  All easy, with James, our delivery man, arriving early and walking down to the tow path to find us.

The Globe is looking very smart. Just reopened after refurbishment. No longer dog friendly. We weren't going in anyway!

After that it was through the the tunnel and to the end of navigation. Lovely team on Eleanor looking after things.

Quickly filled and emptied and on our way. Moored at the very spot we had our eyes on but quickly we were over run by wasps so decided to move. Three hours later......

Hard to believe but that was three hours, without rain and we didn't see one boat on the move. It is August isn't it?

Now on our own, wasp free, and ready to sit out the rain.

First photo... Storm Petrel...the boat that inspired QISMA's colour scheme back in the summer of 2009.

 Coming to the end of navigation