Thursday, 20 August 2015


There might be a route pic missing but we've gone from Coventry to Fradley to Great Haywood in two days. That wasn't the plan but ...... Allowed us to pop round to Tixal this morning and get this view

On route we travelled for far too long...and over two days...behind serious contenders for the most clueless hire boat crew ever. From standing on bank trying to moor with only rope anyone was holding not attached to the boat to still not, having had help on four locks, taken on that you make sure paddles behind you are closed when you are in a lock and you open the ones in front of 
you to make a lock work. They still wanted to open the paddles behind them!! It would be unkind to say more...and they are now on their way back to Drayton Hire Boats so we are safe! 

 Lucky to cross with a working boat at Colwich. Last time we went through, some years ago, I met a fantastic old chap who had grown up on a working boat.

They had news of him. I thought for sure they were going to tell me he died. . No....he got married last week!!!

This was on the lock. I thought it was for him but there were some at Great Haywood as well