Monday, 10 August 2015

Strap that fridge/freezer on your back and bring it in!

Our fridge has been playing up. OK...our fridge has stopped working. It started playing up after Oundle ...which is a shame as we could have replaced it there. Still...we were on our way to Braunston so there really shouldn't be a problem.

An email to Midland Chandlers. Could we have a new fridge/freezer and would they take the old one away. The second question was politeness as Alistair knew that under some directive or other shops selling electrical goods now have to offer this service.

Reply from Midland. Yes to question 1. No to question 2.

We wanted to play nicely. We,left them alone and phoned the Bottom Lock Chandlery. Could not have been more helpful. Would order replacement and take the old fridge. Unfortunately, the website of CoolZone does not include the price of any of their products. We didn't want,to hang,round in Braunston so back to Midland.

We phoned a company that collects and properly recycles electrical goods. They weren't collecting in the area last week.

Time to remind Midland of their responsibilities. Copied to Head Office. Aha! Email from shop. Full content. If you bring it in we will accept it. Actually......... We don't have to bring it in. Do they actually understand 'I'm out on the boat?' It does make you wonder. 

Fuller reply and apology from HO. Yes aware of requirement,  Manager away, used so rarely member of team responding to our request not aware etc etc 

Second email followed. Longer than first. Ending with please accept £20 voucher to try and win back your custom,

Emailed Trinity Marina at Hinckley. Yes we can replace. Yes we will remove. By the way...we prefer to remove and replace for you. Why not come in and have free mooring overnight while it gets sorted out? 

Now....who do you think got our business?

Pic courtesy of my  buddy Simmo..who we didn't quite meet even though I had baked a cake! (Lemon Drizzle)

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