Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How much?

My thoughts exactly...well maybe a ****** missing when I checked the price of my rail ticket from Northampton to Yorkshire on National Rail Journey Planner. £126 single. With Railcard.

Fortunately, this was only my benchmark. Skipping quickly to Raileasy I bought the single to Yorkshire, a First Class from Yorkshire to London and a single London to Northampton for.................. £67.

So, off to Yorkshire...and on Yorkshire Day

Second stage of my trip was to meet a friend of  22 years who is emigrating this month to New Zealand. Her daughter and son in law settled there. Now there are two grandchildren. We met when we were both newly single in 1993 and have had some great times together. With never a cross word. Not even when I left my bag with tickets, passport and travellers cheques on the shuttle bus at Gatwick on the way to the terminal! This was our goodbye outing. Afterwards,,Knowing Imwould need cheering up, I had drinks with two good friends from my MOD life who I don't see nearly enough off . I rounded my day off with a visit to a narrow boat at Paddington! Well I was staying 5 minutes away by bus and the MUSSN GRUMBLE crew texted me to say they had just moored up!!

They promised not to post a pic of me on their blog. I don't recall making a reciprocal agreement!!

Lunch venue.

My favourite London skyline

Vic and Pete 

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