Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ying and Yang

A nice slow cruise along the Grand Union. Thinking how much I like the GU. Then we saw this..
Not very clear but it is the start of the Buckby Flight.  Only us going up. Disaster struck in the first lock. No-one injured but one witches hat drowned. There was also a domestic.

The tie rope  was very near to our much loved headlamp. I thought it was OK but the next lock...Alistair said we had lost it. A sad looking QISMA came in.

I was despondent reader...has to be said. Little did I know...until 6 locks and  much much later when we accosted a passing mechanic, that The light just wasn't working and Alistair had removed the glass. It was safely on board. AND passing mechanic, who had just finished a job on another boat, sorted us out. Ying and Yang.

Through Norton Junction and one of the most photographed properties on the system.

And safely moored...if at a bit of an angle. Plenty of room for a wide beam to pass!

With headlamp.

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