Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Very generous of you......not!

Back in April the catalytic converter was stolen from our car. We reported it to our insurance company. The cost of replacement was much less than we had thought so we did not claim. It's time to renew our insurance. The quote was too high. We could get over £100 off with the same company by starting over. Easy. Not really. They refused to accept us because 'the computer' showed an outstanding claim we hadn't informed them of!

Hours wasted trying to resolve this. one number is all you need they claim. Rubbish! We were explaining it to a call centre who then contacted the insurer....go figure. Did they explain things properly? Who knows. Then, they 'generously' did not deduct £25 cancellation fee from the refund of next year's insurance which they had taken before the company refused the policy!! Grrrrrrrrrr

It all falls into the 'I can't believe it category'.

Lesson learnt. Find out more about customer contact system before doing business with anyone! 

Back to boating. Not sure what critter lives in this house. First thought was chickens but no sign. Maybe rabbits? I can hear Lloyd Grossmn asking. How irritating! 

Friends of ours had a chimney made by The Little a Chimney Company...and here it is. 

Past the battlefield site and the Ashby becomes even quieter. Lovely. Nene ladder deployed. 

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