Friday, 23 June 2017

Boat ahoy!!

We have made good progress back down the Grand Canal on our way to the River Shannon. Helped into Tullamore yesterday by the cheerful and helpful Leo. We like Tullamore. A lot. Bustling town with great shopping. 

The weed cutters are out in force and it's making a big difference. We are veterans of the Middle Levels. If anyone reading is familiar with the weed there....this is hardly worth mentioning. Well OK, that IS a slight exaggeration but it really doesn't compare. 

Our only excitement of today has been our Dog Overboard drill. Only it wasn't a drill. We all very lucky. Alistair was just driving into a full lock. I was already ashore. The bank was suitably angled that LJ could stand up and I could help him out once he swam there. Not sure how it happened or if he realised it wasn't just an extra swimming opportunity. 

Oh..and we saw a boat! That makes 7 in our 12 day trip.