Sunday, 25 June 2017

In deep water

Friday night was our last night on the Grand Canal. The Alan, as we are calling him, helped us down three locks towards Shannon Harbour and provided a newspaper!  

Through Shannon Harbour at lunchtime and back on to the River Shannon. Despite what we are calling the Barrow Line incident we will be back on the Grand. 7 boats moving in 12 days. The delights of  Tullamore and great service from all but one water patroller! 

We had hoped to moor at Banagher but just too busy so we went on to Meelick, which we love. With a bit of shuffling by the boats moored there we were on in a perfect QISMA sized space.

This is the reason Bannagher was so popular yesterday.... the race moored there last night with accompanying flotilla.

 And once they passed through, the kayaks took over!

Now 1450 on Sunday. Just us and one unaccompanied boat left on the mooring.  No doubt we will have company from Lough Derg later.

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