Sunday, 18 June 2017

You wait 30 years then...

We saw a boat today!  Not just a boat. A boat moored at lock 1 of 3 on our return trip. A boat thinking about going up! We quickly decided to help each other through. The lock not being wide enough for us both to get in. HOORAH!!

We got the better of the deal because we moored after the third lock 90 minutes ago and the cruiser is is either still fighting his way through the weeds or has given up.  Both locks are ready for them if they make it.

They were surprised, though not for long, to hear of our struggles yesterday. Then they tried winding.  Hard for the man. Impossible for the woman. Same as us. They hadn't expected it because yesterday they hadn't touched a lock because could be ahead of me here ...THE WATER PATROLLER HAD WORKED ALL THE LOCKS FOR THEM. The same water patroller who told us we could 't expect any help on this system or the Barrow. We hear that's not true either.

Also the same water patroller who said we were the first boat in 30 years that he'd heard had problems. wait 30 years to hear this and the very next day ....

I am just grateful they were there and our nightmare scenario didn't play out. Downhill for us now back to the Shannon so even if there is no water patroller to help and I can't manage the paddles, Alistair can set them and jump back on.

We are in no rush!

Rare early photo

Us, the swan and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit for company


Almost done.

2 hours 30 minutes later here he is! 

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